Awake Leadership.

Rest. Relevance. Results.

Make real impact by being yourself &
experience business and personal success ánd fulfilment.

Leadership, in essence, is about who you are.

Do you want meaningful results &  your next step in Awake Leadership?

Covid-19 and rapid technological developments confirm the constant change, uncertainty and complexity of life.
This is also a time of ‘spiritual awakening’. Early adaptors and new generations think and act more and more, from higher levels of consciousness and the greater good. Awake Leadership is about ‘quality of being’, from a place of attention and purpose.

Are you a professional and do you want to focus more on meaningful results, without loosing your ambition?
Do you want to make real impact by being yourself and experience business and personal success and fulfilment?
Do your want to find out what this Awake Leadership looks like for you and how you can achieve this?

This time needs Awake Leaders

Awake Leadership is about a quality of being. From this ‘being-ness’, everything you do gains more value and meaning, because you make more conscious decisions. In a competitive working culture or environment, you need courage to be authentic and show both your strength and vulnerability. I help you to be true to your deep core, to develop yourself into the person you already are and to connect with others and the work that you do, from your pure essence. I believe that in this way, we will be more successful in business and life, we will help the future forward and make the world even more beautiful, one step at the time.

Do you recognize yourself in this?

  • You want to contribute to the greater good in a positive way, without others finding you ‘airy-fairy’.
    The split between your feelings and intellect is sometimes hard. You want to make spirituality (maybe you don’t use this word) practical and apply it to come to the best results.
  • There is more inside of you than finds its way out right now.
    You do not get your vision and strategy perfectly clear, struggle with the implementation or find it challenging to get others along. You do not always use your time, attention and energy in an optimal way. You run past yourself or hold yourself back. It is time to develop your quality of being and break free from certain patterns.
  • You feel performance pressure and are ambitious, but you want great relationships too.
    With all your tasks and roles it is quite difficult to be good at everything you do and to keep everybody (including yourself!) satisfied. Despite success you often have a restless or even empty feeling.
  • You are often in your head and analyzing (IQ) and you want more balance with the human side (EQ).

    You are looking for depth in authenticity, connection and human factors that contribute to leadership, successful collaboration and meaningful results.

  • You want to realize your potential, ambitions and dreams.
    Through your strength, vulnerability and being yourself with confidence, you want success and fulfilment, and to inspire others. You believe in a new reality and want to grant yourself (and your team) rest, relevance and results.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

My name is Simone
I support you in Awake Leadership

Inner work. Outer impact.

After a successful business career, a big burn-out and a personal crisis, I started my entrepreneurship in 2012.

Collaboration with me is about:

  • Sustainable transformation from within.
  • A stronger connection with your intuition and wisdom and more conscious choices in thoughts, emotions and behaviour.
  • Deeper relationships and more effective collaborations. 

Mindfulness, emotional intelligence and practical spirituality are the base of who I am and what I do.
With this, I stand for rest, relevance and results.

  • Rest is an essential ‘quality of being’ that I help you develop from connection with your deep core, so from within.
  • Relevance is making impact that really matters. Because your heart and soul are engaged and you serve a higher cause. I bring this recipe to freedom and happiness to you.
  • Results you achieve from clear vision, strategy and focus. Action is important for success. I help you to act form your essence, from who you are, because this is what gives the greatest fulfilment.
  • Now is exactly the right moment for action. 
    Grant yourself (and your team) wellbeing, great connections and business success now. Why wait?

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Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

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