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Simone has been more than a facilitator. She has been the guiding light taking the group through the incredible journey  of understanding what mindfulness is and how practicing could have an extremely positive impact in our lives. We felt grateful to have the opportunity to learn from her experience. She has demonstrated such a professional and, at the same time, such a human approach, that we forgot we were in a training session. It has been really a life changing moment for most of the people in the room and we will be always thankful for having the opportunity to meet her.”

Alessandra Raimoldi

Senior Manager Learning & Development


The Search Inside Yourself leadership training offers valuable practical ways to develop leadership by working with mindfulness. With the practices offered in the training you can work from the inside out; learn to improve the connection with yourself and with others by using mindfulness and emotional intelligence at the workplace. Simone has the ability to let you experience mindfulness in a gentle, inspiring and very accessible way. ,

Eefke van den Tillaar

Change Manager


The Search Inside Yourself training I took with Simone gave me great tools, both work and private related. This is a must for everyone that is looking for a more balanced life or is struggling. SIY provides a mindset that makes you resilient in many situations and phases in your life. A very good basis to  step back, adjust and move forward. Simone is a very clear communicator and engages you step-by-step.

Mark de Weerd

Leader of Change


Simone is a modern spiritual guide with a tailor-made approach. She provides a comfortable safe space for her clients to share their challenges. The way she explains sometimes difficult concepts in simple, easy-to-understand terms has been very insightful. Simone brings relevant advice and ‘food for thought’ on how to live life in the way that we want.

Kimberley Chan

Global Lead Circular Economy


The Awake Leadership training contributes to both the personal and professional developments of our employees and leaders. They received new tools to listen consciously and to connect with their surroundings in an attentive way. Also really being heard. This stimulates the emotional side of leadership and generates a part of increasing awareness. Thank you for the very valuable training Simone!

Lynn de Veen

Business Partner/ People


In times of hybrid work models, team efficiency in regards on how to engage and build trust is ever more important. Simone's approach of marrying strong concepts with awareness works great. This training made a real difference for the team!

Hannes Leukhardt

VP Group Business Development


Simone is very strong in looking at the individual and to know what this person really needs, She is capable of going into the depths with you to shine light on the underlying issues to transform them. I can honestly say that all private sessions with her have been worth every euro. Her personal approach and corporate background make Simone the ideal coach in these times in which we all look for a new balance.

Victoria Chong

Owner & Senior Recruiter


Simone really helped me a lot in activating the power-woman within me. She knows how to ask the right questions, actively listened and motivated me to follow what feels good to me. She is always full of understanding and very concrete. She gave me important new insights, without telling me something, so that I could really learn a lot about myself. She gives very good tips and exercises that match to both my professional as my private life. I still use these. I have made key decisions, that I would not have felt confident making without the sessions of Simone. I advise anyone who wants to work at themselves to contact Simone. I still book maintenance sessions with Simone and I am always amazed by how recharged, inspired and full of courage I feel at the end.

Haydiên Nedd

Managing Consultant


Adaptive Resilience is the ability to recover, adapt and thrive in life. This program is intended to help build and develop positive mental habits, behaviors and practices that we could implement in our day to day lives while growing and promoting a resilient culture within the organization. Simone did an AMAZING job teaching the course and spreading the positive message. The feedback I received from all of the attendees  from the training was very positive. I am very happy with the training and have already received more requests to have another In the near future! I want to thank Simone for taking the time to teach this amazing training on Adaptive Resilience as I now have taken all of the great and helpful tips to better manage my mental health.

Dana Ahmed

Global Facilities Business Analyst


Too often, I was very busy in my head. I suffered from stress and had trouble falling asleep. Already after the first Awake Minds session, I noticed how easy it can be to find peace, deal with thoughts differently and reduce stress in this way.

Björn van Coeverden

Sales & Marketing Expert